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This project was based on the mathematical structure of Fibonacci and musical tablature. The aim, to create a series of two note chords which are directly linked to the intervals within the Fibonacci sequence to find audible dissonance amongst a harmonious system.

The numerical values from the Fibonacci sequence were mapped as guitar chords and plotted as Tablature. The chords were then transcribed, played and recorded for testing.

Outcomes produced from the audio tests revealed many chords were harmonious and did not contradict Fibonacci intervals. Six chords however did produce dissonant results which required a system to visually communicate these findings. As musical dissonance is defined as frequencies conflicting with one another producing jarring and uncomfortable properties for the listener, the visual representation had to match.

The use of overlapping lines and sudden changes in direction is a visual representation of the definition of dissonance and contrasted the linear aesthetic to that of Tablature which was used to map out harmonious results from the tests.

The resulting findings were then prepared and organised according to the order they were recorded in to be then printed and bound as a visual collection document.

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