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This project was a chance to exlpore symbols and their significance in relation to Architecture and from. The Mausoleum of Eustratios Ralli is situated in West Norwood Cemetery within the grounds of the Greek Orthodox burial site and is covered with a variety of religious iconography.

I began exploring the buildings shape and the significance the mouldings had in relation to Eustratios Ralli and the Greek Orthodox religion.

To manage the vast amount of visual data on display I created a visual database of all elements front, back and sides of the building (the parts that could be photographed without climbing on the structure). Once photographed I imported the photos into Photoshop and methodically edited each element removing them from a photo and creating a separate file for each. I categorized each element as a number and researched the name and meaning/function of each segment.

Once the editing was completed I separated the front, back and sides into groups for visual cohesiveness. An Index was then created which includes the information gathered from my research regarding each elements number, name and symbolic meaning allowing the reader to reference each part and learn a bit about the context behind the building as a whole and the value of it's iconogrpahy.

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