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My Project was focused on deconstructing the architectural features of this mausoleum, moving away from pure aesthetics and opening the viewer up to the individual elements and features that make this building so striking.


The idea was to give an insight into the building's rich history, not only as a singular structure, but also bringing to light the iconography and how these elements are significant to one another.

I decided to showcase the architectural features into separate groups, much like an inventory list, so that the user could navigate and distinguish each part quickly with reference to the relative sizes of other surrounding elements. I felt this method would work well serving dual purposes. As a means of segmenting the structure while  simplifying the viewing process into manageable parts.

The book is segmented into three sections:

  • A Brief History of the Mausoleum.

  • Proportionally Scaled Deconstructed Elements in sequential order.

  • Index Page Detailing each element in categories stating Object/Section and Significance/Meaning.

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